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    Is there a freeware app. that will alert you (Centro or Treo) when you have a missed call and/or waiting voicemail? I'm looking for something that will flash LED, beep every so often and/or vibrate every so often when in silent mode to alert you that there is a voice mail or missed call.

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    It isn't freeware, but the program "Missed Call" is great - it will alert, by means of the LED, whether something has happened - either a call, a sms, an e-mail, or whatever. This means not having to activate your screen to see if anything happened while your Treo was away, or in a pocket or case. Doesn't cost much, either.
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    I think Butler can do that, as well.
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    Does ne1 know for sure if Butler can do this? I really would like to have this feature.
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    Attention Grabber - fully customisable...

    * Nags you like a pager to make sure you don't miss alerts, messages, etc.
    * You can set the attention grabber to play a tone, vibrate, play an MP3 or set the LED (or any combination).
    * E.g. After an SMS is recieved, vibrate, play a tone and flash the LED every 10 seconds for a minute or until you notice!
    * You can specify even specify times for the attention grabber to turn itself on and off each day.
    Taken from Butler's information page
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    I tried Missed Call when it first came on the scene and went back to Butler; give both a try though.


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