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    i tried to do a search on this problem but i'm not really sure how to search for it. i see a similar problem with others whose phone locks up. but mine is not really locking up.

    when i make a call it will ring a few times. then it stops. there's nothing. apparently they can hear me though. when i hit the red button it hangs up then. also i noticed when making a call the sound for it ringing can be beeps rather than the traditionally ringing.

    earlier my lines had gotten mixed up with someone elses. i could hear their conversation, or one half, really well. (nothing like hearing a strange man's voice on your mother's cell phone!!!)

    it's running 2.11, it's unlocked and on the t-mobile network. i bought this used on ebay.

    has anyone else had this problem?
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    The issue is probably that you got it on ebay used.

    Try a hard reset.

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