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    Sprint just release a update for the 755p!! Great here it is
    Did anyone know. I checked my phone and there it was today after going through hell this weekend with it! Thank Sprint for screwing people without their knowledge
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    Just read about it now. Are you saying that Sprint updated your 755p on the air without you being aware that it was done?
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    yes, I think so because i just start having this problems after having the phone for 3 weeks. I just saw the updater release recently and check my phone to see if i had it and there it was. Sprint deleted all my versamail without my knowledge to fix the problem but at first kept telling me that my password was changed recently. The updater warning that it may do that as part of the download.
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    ROM updates won't/can't be done over the air. Something else had to have been going on with your Treo.
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    After 3 days of making calls to Tech Support, i got sick of the run away. I went to a Sprint Service Center where after i tried several times to change my passwords before going there. The tech came out and said he did it himself. All of my communication except my phone was not working. it's been a hellish week for a 755p owner.
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    Sprint can't update the ROM if you wrap your Treo in tinfoil.

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