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    After updating to the new firmware, I noticed some little bugs here and there ... I wanna try out one of the custom roms, but I have no idea which one is suitable for my 680, since it's locked to Rogers.

    So far, I've read Custom Rom 3 and the Hybrid ver is pretty good.

    Any Rogers users have installed any custom roms? If so, which one and did you add the camera update to save batt life?

    Thank You
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    Hah, just looking at it myself. Will be doing the official update to 1.12 Rogers but was also told that if unsatisfactory. LOCKED 680 can up changed with custome ROM packages. So far I only saw a thread which clearly states for UNLOCKED 680 and also for AT&T (No ours either). Anyway still looking. I have not looked enough yet and it must be somewhere.
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    It's in the first post of the custom rom thread. You can use the 109 customs or the AT&T 2.1 customs, the 104 custom's were possible but not required 4 files to be replaced. I think if you do the 109, you could do the official rogers 1.12. Not sure about the newest ones.
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