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    Specifically, I have a Treo 650, with Palm OS 5.4, but I've never had problems running earlier Palm programs. I want to control a Comcast cable box and a Phillips TV.

    Also, I tried OmniRemote but it won't install, and TV Remote 101 ( needs HATcker101 hardware.
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    You might want to read up on this. If I recall correctly, the IR is too weak on a Treo 650 to make a good remote.
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    Why don't you want to pay for something you need?
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    Yep, the IR thing worked well with the 600, but not too well at all on the 650/700. Ben
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    He's been pestering people in IRC channels about this stuff too..

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    The 650 and the 680 work fine for remote controls, however it has to be pointed directly at the sensor and no more than 10 feet away to work reliably. Works fine for me in my smallish den, YMMV. I'd get trials first, I'm sure there are. I use NR Deluxe.
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    Heres a better idea . . . BUY A UNIVERSAL REMOTE
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