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    On my Sprint 755p, I listen to streaming music with PTunes version 4.06 for maybe 45 minutes at a time. When done, I notice that the entire screen becomes noticeably dimmer than what it should be, I'd say around 30% to 40% dimmer (less bright).

    I've noticed the only thing that solves this problem is to take out the battery for several seconds and reinsert again. Then the screen goes back to normal brightness setting. This dimming "problem" has happened a number of times.

    Additionally, sometimes when done streaming music, I've also noticed that my Seido extended life battery gets extra warm. It seems the warmness of the unit doesn't go away unless I take out the battery, and reinsert again.

    Anyone else experience this? Thanks, Casey
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    same problem here
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    Did you try toggling the option plus menu button? On my 700P, this reverts the dimmed screen back to the preset brightness level. IIRC, Ptunes has an option to dim the screen in the menu.
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    What will probably help as I have run into this problem using my Slingplayer, is to readjust your default brightness level.

    Press your option button (big white key on lower left) and the brightness button (letter p upper right) on your keyboard - you will see the wording "Adjust Brightness" - set the brightness slider beneath to be in the middle of the letter "t" "n" of the word Brightness.

    Now what will happen is when the screen "does" go dim - it will dim only a little - some have set the brightness to max so when the auto dimmer goes dim it's dim really can't be distigush(sp) that much - IMHO I think that is WAY too bright and possibly harmful to your Treo's screen.

    I think you will get more battery life if you let Pocket Tunes dim your screen automatically after 30 seconds and turn it on when you need it.

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    This is a known problem with treos. Long periods of use cause the heat to build up and for what ever reason dimms the screen. I left my phone in the sun for like an hour once by accident and it took nearly half an hour for it to brighten back up. It is normal for your phone to do this.
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    I also suspect this can damage your battery as well. I have a Seidio 2200 maH battery that only seemed to outlast the factory battery for a couple months. After that, it got about the same usage time until now, about a year later, where it lasts only about 2/3 (if that) of the factory battery.

    I believe this is due to several bouts of overheating early in its life where I had watched a couple hours of streamed videos (i.e., while waiting on planes at the airport). The heat generated was enough to make the screen go dim, and to alleviate that situation (so I could continue to watch my videos), I brightened the screen to the point where the screen would come on.

    Being that heat is the #1 killer of rechargeable batteries in general, I would say that is what killed the performance my Seidio battery.

    I have found that listening to streaming radio or even just talking on the phone for extended periods of time will cause this.

    One thing that has worked for me is to try and always keep the battery topped off whenever possible, and to plug in the phone to a charger whenever I'm about to engage in a long conversation (if possible to do so). For example, using Garmin or streaming radio while in a car, the battery doesn't heat up as much if it doesn't have to charge or discharge _and_ you let the phone run off the A/C. One caveat is that if the battery is low _and_ you have it hooked up to the charger _and_ you are using the phone's transmitter, it will get hot fast. Just make sure the battery is nearly full when you start and there shouldn't be a problem.

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