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    Does anyone know where to get cheap replacement Styluses?

    We keep loosing them...

    So I am looking for quantity rather than quality.

    Also, is it possible to somehow to attach it to the phone? I was thinking it would be neat to buy a lanyard that had a small stylus attached to it.

    ...picture a lanyard that is about 6 inches long, that is big enough to put around your hand so you won't drop the Centro. At the end of the lanyard, there is a little plastic stylus that is just big enough to grab with you your thumb and index finger...hey, I think I can make one of these from a cheap stylus for my son's DS Lite...

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    I am thinking something like this may work better: we won't have to worry about loosing them.

    I put it on my wife's Centro. I'll let her test it out.

    I took an old stylus from a previous PDA, cut a inch off of the tip and added it to a lanyard from an old cellphone.

    Here is a picture.

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    That is ingenious! Kudos...

    Patent then market it.
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    I agree. Excellent idea.

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