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    Due to some apparent hardware issues I submitted an Asurion claim, got a VZW 700p with sw version 1.10 on it. A couple of questions:

    1. I use NVBackup and want to simply restore with my sd card--should this work from the 1.06 (current 700p) to 1.10 (new 700p)? Should I update "old" Treo to 1.10 first?

    2. I have NVBackup 1.18; I think there is a newer version--update this first?

    3. What should I look out for w/ 1.10? I've read the threads here and wonder if stability has been improved.

    Many thanks and restore well, all.

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    Well, I charged the new Treo for 18 hours and then activated it, per Asurion instructions. I then restored my most recent backup from the 1.18 version of NVBackup which seems to have worked perfectly.

    I'll report back any issues.

    Be well, all.


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