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    I wanted some way to be able to use WiFi on my device in areas with no cell coverage. Mainly for areas outside the country that I go to that have free WiFi but no sprint coverage.

    I picked up an Enfora 650 WiFi sled on Ebay last week. I received it yesterday. I was initially unable to connect the two due to the fit between the Centro and the sled. The device was never able to see the sled. I don't think the metals contacts on the sled were hitting the Centro. I decided to remove the electronics from the plastic sled. I removed one screw on the sled and was able to open the sled and remove the electronics and battery. Everything is in one piece when you remove it. Once removed from the plastic I was able to connect the two and upgrade the sled's firmware to the beta version posted in these forums. After that I was able to scan and connect to access points.

    I plan to create my own packaging for the electronics out of some spare plastic and electrical tape. It will not look the best but it works and I will only be using it every once in a while.

    Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later.

    If you want to do this here are some tips
    - I used the Enfora 650 sled. The 600 sled should also work but I can't verify.
    - Once you get the sled use a T-7 torx head to remove the screw in the sled.
    - Pry sled apart with your fingers and you should be able to remove all of the electronics in one piece.
    - Charge the sled completely
    - Use the firmware on TreoCentral to update the electronics
    - Soft reset your phone and install the beta WiFi manager on TC
    - Go to prefs, network, and disconnect your current Vision service
    - Connect the Centro and electronics and you should be all set.
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    The 600 sled would have a different type connector. The Athena connector was introduced in the 650 and still in use up to the Centro. FYI.
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    Thanks for the info. Also an update to my first post. I decided to put all of the inner electronics back into the plastic sled. I then took my dremel and was able to remove some of the plastic at the bottom of the sled. I was able to get everything to work with the centro in the Sedio rubberised case. Everything is working great.

    So just to confirm YES the Enfora WiFi sled works on the Centro if you use the beta firmware and drivers. The only issue is the physical shape of the sled. You either have to remove the electronic components or remove some of the plastic from the sled.
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    I don't have a camera with me now. I'll try to get some up when I can.
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    Take a picture with the Centro.... errrr well you could do it if you were the Flash maybe?
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    Do you have a Sprint Centro? They used to say that Sprint locked Blazer to their network.
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    That's great news! I'll look forward to seeing the photos.

    It's so frustrating that Palm couldn't sort out wi-fi for the Centro. It's obviously possible seeing as the Enfora sled works, so why couldn't they implement it in their phones?

    (I guess the answer is: pressure from the carriers)
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    I didn't try to use Blazer. I just use the Xiino browser. I did test Versamail and it DID work. I read you can get around the Sprint Blazer issue by manually putting in a public proxy in the options.
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    Congrats on getting the Enfora sled to work with your Centro webdave! I put up a short article about it and included some pics off a video that Sammy McLoughlin did over at Palm Addicts. He modified one of his Enfora sleds to work with his Centro too.

    I look forward to seeing your pics!
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    Maybe it is time for me to get a Centro -- my Enfora sled isn't holding my 650 anymore because the holder deformed after a few years (probably due to heat). One of the reasons I've been holding back upgrading my Treo is the 650 is the only one that works with my sled. Hmm.

    When you say beta drivers, are you referring to the 3.05 firmware?

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    I am really interested in doing this. I am completely satisfied the sled works, but i'd like more details on how to mod the sled to fit the centro.

    Any and all help appreciated! TIA
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    My oh my, I really should look more closely at the threads in this forum!

    Here I am, convinced that there is no WiFi solution for the Centro, and only now that I am on my summer holidays in Ireland and travelling from one hotel with free WiFi access to the next do I notice this thread!

    Well, thanks a million for the info; next year's vacation WILL see my Centro accessing the web via WiFi!

    Kind Regards,

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    Can you receive a phone call while using wifi via sled?
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    Does it work with att centro also what about the Enfora WP802B sled?
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    I'm really interested in trying this. A few questions...(if you are still around)

    Quote Originally Posted by webdave View Post
    - Use the firmware on TreoCentral to update the electronics
    - Soft reset your phone and install the beta WiFi manager on TC
    what firmware and were do you find the beta wifi manager and drivers

    tried searching, but I'm not sure what I'm searching for...


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    If possible, I'd love to see a picture or two of the area modified on the sled. It seems that the problem with the Centro is the ridge around the multi connector is longer than it is on the Treo 650 and Treo 680.

    Anyways, would love to see a pic or two of your mods.

    Thanks !

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    Hi. It's great that someone figured out how to use wifi with the Centro!
    I just bought a Centro, and was very disappointed about this missing feature. I want to be able to use wi-fi. Do any of you know where I can still purchase a sled for the 650? Or would any of you be willing to sell me your old one?
    (I checked ebay, amazon, and treocentral)
    Thanks so much!

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