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    I have a situation that I want to use a Treo without syncing to a PC, but then again I can't set the Hotsync ID without syncing it first to a PC.

    Is there a any way that we can set the HotSync ID to a fresh Palm or after a hard reset without a PC?

    Any software for that, I am sure it's just changing some Pref reference so it should be able to do..

    Please help..
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    Do you need it to register an app?
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    Don't try it on a 755P. First attempt put it into a fatal loop. Ergh!
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    Yep, after a couple of hours trying soft, and warm resets I was stuck with a a hard reset which wiped everything. Preceed carefully and make sure you backup everything before trying this [questionable] software.
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    HSNSwitch and the likes have long been prone to making the Palm unstable.

    THis is what I do... it involves hotsyncing just once...

    I hard reset... erase my backup folder on the PC and erase my username on Palm Desktop... Hotsync with nothing on my Palm (and set Hotsync ID as you want it)... Backup with Rescobackup and wholla! you got a hotsync name anytime you want. Just restore from that Backup with the Hotsync name only.

    Again this may not be the solution you were looking for but i thought it was just worth mentioning.

    Cant live without backup software nowadays.
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    For a fresh Treo, why not just go to Bluetooth panel & set your device name? Isn't device name equals to Hotsync name?
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    WOW! that would be simple!

    So what you could do is:
    1) do a hard reset and erase everything off the handset
    2) go to your pc and erase backup folder
    3) go to Bluetooth and change device name

    Woudl this really work?
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    Wow, nobody mentioned MultiUser Hack yet.

    MultiUser Hack works on a 650, 700p and Centro. It should work on a 755. But I don't have a 755 to test it.,580.html

    I don't Hotsync anymore. Haven't for over a year. I got tired of the corruptions caused by Hotsyncing.

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    I don't know but user review is mixed, make sure you have a backup first before you try additional software.

    treotraveler, I have heard about rumblings with hotsyncing but since it has not affected me so far, I have not paid attention to it. But lately, I seem to be having problems. I did non-hotsync for the past three years but have found some software that would not work if not hotsynced. I started hotsyncing about 3-4 months ago. Then I noticed some of my software that did not work corrected is now working but also added problems on some. Can you point me to a discussion about hotsync corruptions. Much appreciated.
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    to MouseGlider:
    Just do this:
    1. Hard reset your treo.
    2. Go to bluetooth panel & set your new device name.
    3. If you hotsync to your PC, it will ask to create a new user based onyour new device name or use an existing Hotsync ID.
    Beware that if you create a new Hotsync ID all your previous 3rd party software won't work & must be re-registered. I'd imagine if you never hotsync your Treo, your bluetooth device name will be accepted as a Hotsync ID.

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