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    Last night i took over 40mins and when i stopped it the hotsych was still on my calender. I try twice before then each time i do some program on my treo needs to have my passwords re-enter or some upgrades to be redo. Is this common? What can i do??
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    Maybe some old data is getting pushed from your PC to your Treo?

    Try deleting the backup folder on your PC for Palm Desktop and setting the Phone to override the PC for the hotsync maybe.
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    If i do that i would loose the data on the pc, right?
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    Well you can go through and manually set whatever you want to override what for each item.

    Deleting the Backup folder just removes the .prc's that are backed up from your phone. They are backed up again the next time you hotsync.
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    If i do that i would loose the data on the pc, right?
    You could rename the PC folder "backupold012808" and then it is still saved on your PC but not part of the HotSync process. (Just in case you want something out of that folder or need to restore it in case of failure.)

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    Ok i just found the backup folder on y pc but when i opened it up, it's empty. Where are the programs in there?
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    Maybe your hotsync is setup not to do a backup. Check the hotsync settings.

    Or maybe the backup is failing?
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    Okay, here is my solution. First, I had the same problem when I switched to the "official" Vista Palm Desktop. All of a sudden both my calendars on my T/X and my 755p would freeze when trying to sync. There are two possible solutions. First, go into your Palm desktop and hit the Hotsync manager, click on settings and then applications. Then uncheck the calendar box and try syncing again. This should work. I beleive the SyncManager will automatically default back to syncing everything, but just to be sure, go back in and this time make sure its set to sync everything including the calendar (date book). Then sync again. If it freezes again, download the software app, DBFixit. Its free for the purposes of diagnosis. Run the app to see if you have any PIM database errors. If so, then simply purchase the app ($12.95) and fix the database and you should be good as new. Let us know if that doesn't fix the problem.

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    May your treo be your light in your darkness hr!

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