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    I just got a new PC and I am no longer able to HotSync my Treo 680. I installed Hotsync 6.0.1 and have Treo680-1.09 ATT Software on the phone. When I press the Sync button I see the MTP Media Player invoking and I don't think it on the PC is connecting with the phone. Also, I am connecting the Treo via a USB connection. Hotsync says Connecting with the desktop using cradle/Cable, but nothing happens. Hotsync has USB Local and Local checked. I have COM4-7 available in the dropdown. One other point is the Treo seems to reboot during the sync'ing.

    So, is it trial and error on guessing the COM ports? Any other suggestions.
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    Anyone? I am sure someone can help with this issue.
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    Wow, still no responses.... Any thoughts?? Thanks, Rodney
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    not sure I know what MTP is? I would think you want to load palm desktop or is this something else?
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    Open ptunes.
    hit menu/copy from PC Prefs...
    Under the Communication drop down, change to Legacy or Off.
    Hit OK
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    I unstalled the current version is the Hotsync software I had downloaded from Palm for the Treo 680, and installed the version I got with the Treo. Everything worked perfectly. It looked liked during the install the software got updates from the internet and probably updated the software to the samething I originally downloaded. In any case the MTP thing did not come up again. Also, I did not have to select a COM port - the sync just worked.

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