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    Is there anyway to just back up contacts, using NVBackup-or another program, and not back everything else up? My 680 gives me the WSOD for about 5 seconds between apps, so I'd like to save a few programs that aren't the problem to my SD card, delete the rest, save my contacts. Then, install programs one by one .

    Additionally, something other than using the SIM.
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    Resco Backup has the feature you are wanting. However, I use Northglide's OnGuard Backup - it works very, very well. is the link.
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    Thanks, great ideas.
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    I used RSCBackup to backup what I thought were all my contacts SIM/non SIM- then hit restore, and all that was saved were my SIM contacts. Is there a way to backup non-SIM contacts?
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    With NVBackup, you can backup the entire treo. On restore, you only restore the files you want. That should be your safer bet. That way if you miss something along the way, you can still do a fuller restore to check things.

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