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    I used Agendus for Palm for years with Act! Palm Link v2.0 to synch contacts to my Palm. When I upgraded to a 700P in 2006, this conduit crashed my 700p within an hour (infinite loop).

    I now have a 755P, and use the Outlook conduits that came on the installation disk. It works fine with the latest version of Agendus with the exception of being able to link calendars to contacts with one click. I have downloaded a trial version of Agendus for Windows. This enables the contact to be linked for meetings entered directly into Agendus for Windows. However, I have over 1,500 activities already set up in Outlook and these are not affected.

    Is anyone else using other conduits that work on the 755p and would enable contacts from Outlook to automatically be tied to activities?


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    Why not try Agendus for Outlook.
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    I actually keep my contacts and schedule in Act! v6.0, and synchronize to Outlook via an application called Act-Outlook Synchronizer in order to synch my records with my Treo. The Act! conduits for this version worked well with older Palm versions, but not my 755P.

    I have tried Agendus for Outlook and was forced to manually update all existing records (over 1,500 activities that are already set up in Outlook). I am seeking a more automated solution, if one exists.

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