I just upgraded from a 650 to a 755p. The first thing I noticed (before installing any apps) was the delay key click. On my old 650, when I press a key, it clicks (beeps) instantly. But on the 755p, there is a half-second delay. The fact that the mechanical click on the 755p is already pretty loud, having the electronic click comes on later gets really annoying. It gets so annoying that I have to turn off the system sound to avoid the double clicking sound. But then I won't hear other system sounds. I called customer service at Verizon and the tech determined that it's defective. She said that is a symptom of a unit just about to run out of memory. But in my case, the symptom is there right out of the box. So she sent me back to the store to exchange one. But the second copy behaves the same. Does anyone have any such experience? Is it normal for the 755p? Thanks!