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    cotoGPS was updated to version 1.6.0:

    Here's the changelog:
    Version 1.6.0
    - some speed up on trackmanager track scrolling and screen resizing
    - showing the target bearing on SAT page with a green 'X'
    (thanks for suggesting, Vicente!)
    - StyleTap support! There is a bug on the categories selector on
    the marker page. don't know, who's fault this is... mine or StyleTaps
    - showing all serial devices now (even one without the RS232-flag).
    cotoGPS now works on StyleTap with these changes.
    You Kirrio-user please use the [usbc]-port.
    - reworked STT/MeritF-calculations to be more accurate
    - on nautic units display "VMG" instead of "STT" on GPS2 page
    - fixed a bug on iQue that prevented to show STT and MeritFactor
    (thanks to Gary Burns for reporting and testing fixes for the last
    3 entries!)
    - added altitude graph to track draw page
    - track redrawings are faster now on screen resizes
    - faster sort-by-distance in marker page
    - corrected documentation regarding hard button behaviour
    (thanks Uwe for spotting!)
    - increased font size in target page (thanks for suggesting, Martin!)
    - removed 9999 km or miles limit on distances-bug (nobody ever noticed?!?)
    - added support for Nexian ASCII protocoll
    - changed menu shortcut for GPS page from H to I, H was and is used for Help
    (thanks Sascha for spotting!)

    cotoGPS is still my prefered GPS program on my Treo 755p.

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    I use this product since about 3 years: it's very usefull.

    I just downloaded the new release and will try it.

    But, did you know how I can give in italian language (I can also make the translation if needed)?

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