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    Hello All.

    I had bought a use 650 from a friend and fell in love with it, but it kept dying on me and after about 6 months I finally gave up on the Treo's until I could afford to buy a new one. Now my new 680 is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and I realized I'm not sure what to do first!

    The 650 I was using had some extra items added on when I got it, but I don't think I used any of them. After I wiped it all clean (while trying to get it to stop dying on me all the time) I did not add on any other software and there was really nothing missing as far as what functions I used. Typically I used the phone, calendar, tasks, messaging, alarm and..... that's about it.

    Will there be a good set of instructions with it to tell me what I need to know/do with it fresh from the box?

    Are there any programs that you think are essential, even for someone that is doesn't really use the phone hard as compared to some users?

    I noticed with the 650 that it seemed kind of hard to hear people I was talking to and read where others had the same issue, is that also an issue with the 680 and is there a fix?

    Is there a program included in the phone that will let you clip ringtones and if not, what one do you recommend?

    I think that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow when I have it in hand.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    First thing to do?

    Return it and get a GSM Centro when they come out February 18th.
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    I don't think that's what the poster had in mind. Especially if they want a larger screen & larger keys. Not really helpful, in my opinion. First thing I would do would be to check the firmware and then check Palm's website to see if you have the version with the DST & Camera updates, otherwise - I'd download those. Then, I'd check the posts here on Treocentral - they are really helpful, and can give you the software tips and shortcuts you're looking for.
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    etreo --- um, thanks but no thanks. I like the look and feel of the 680 better and well, the Centro is also ugly!

    Andrew - Thanks! I didn't even think about firmware or other updates. I'll definitely do that!!
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    What Andrew said, charge battery and use, I would wait and add 3rd party apps slowly so if any problems occur it's easier to delete.
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    In addition, you're probably going to want an SD or SDHC card with more memory than the one that comes with the 680 out of the box. You also should get a backup program (which does backups to your SD card) like NVBackup (which is free) or Resco Backup, which I really love and would recommend. You should also consider a good file manager like FileZ (which is free), or Resco Explorer, which I really love and an uninstaller program like Uninstall Manager from Northglide software, which will allow you to uninstall programs and will clean up all the databases and other remnants associated with the program.
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    You had mentioned ringtones, If you are planning on adding custom ringtones, you definately need to get something like Minitones...

    It's free, and you can do just about anthing with lots of formats of ringtones.
    It's one of my "must have" apps on my 680.
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    Yes, Minitones is a great little app for adding MP3 ringtones and even cropping songs on the device.

    Here's my first to dos ...

    #1 Get a good screen protector off eBay. Saves scratches to your touchscreen.

    #2 Get a car charger or office charger on the cheap on eBay. The battery life stinks on the 680. Can also get higher capacity batteries for more $$$.

    #3 Install the free Diddlebug program. Write notes or pix simply and quickly to your screen like a notepad or stickypad. Unbelievably handy and stable.

    #4 If you have a little $$$ get at least an 8GB SDHC (class 6!) memory card. Music, photos, movies, eBooks and data galore all seamlessly

    #5 Get the free Tryda program which is like a Web 2.0 app for Yellowpages or residential phone and address info. Quick efficient and very effective.

    #6 Google Maps. Free and absolutely wonderful.

    #7 Get the free NVBackup prog and you can back you phone up at nightly intervals. Awesome.

    #8 Finally. Install the little free app called SnapCalc. Allows you to pop up and exit a nice calc from any app without ever leaving.

    ... that's a lot for the start. But most is free or low cost.
    Patrick Horne
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    If you plan on playing with 3rd party apps - i.e. adding and removing, get Uninstall Manager from Northglide. It will help keep things clean. If you install it first, you won't have to worry about whether you really deleted all of the pieces of an app that you remove.

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    #3 Install the free Diddlebug program. Write notes or pix simply and quickly to your screen like a notepad or stickypad. Unbelievably handy and stable.
    Thanks for the info!! Never knew about that one. Nice little app.
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    Wow... this isn't the Treo Central I once knew.

    I expected the first 4 posts to say: READ THE MANUAL!!!
    Less than 400 posts to get my own little treo icon!
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    I would install :
    -Field plus
    -Card Reader
    -Resco Backup

    I hope you enjoy your new 680
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm definitely keeping and eye on all this. I'm taking it all slow, reading the manual and not trying to do/add too much at once so I don't swamp the treo or myself!!

    Thanks again!
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    Another thing... Dont install the update yet. Keep it as 1.04
    1.12 and 2.12 have problem with sms application
    SMS is limited to only 160 characters
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    Live Faith,

    I installed all of your suggested programs, but I cannot get Snapcalc to work. I have a Treo that the problem?

    I noticed the site does not list compatablity with the 680, but your response was to a 680 question....



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