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    Some of my emails end up in docs to go. Any idea why? And how do I stop it?
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    any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    Some of my emails end up in docs to go. Any idea why? And how do I stop it?
    The messages end up in DtG? Or are you opening attachments?

    Describe what happens, step by step. POP3 or IMAP account?
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    Thanks for trying to help. It is a POP3 gmail account. The messages are surrounded by all kinds of computer giberish in the docs to go. Weird!
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    ^ I use a pop3 GMail account with VersaMail and have never had your issue on my Centro. I have never seen this happen on any Palm OS phone I have had, or heard of this happening to anyone else.

    I would suspect you have a corruption on your Centro. I would suggest you do a hotsync, then a hard reset, and hotsyncing your PIM data back only, and start all over again installing each of your apps.

    If you do a hard reset and restore from a backup, you will put the corruption back into your Centro.

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    I actually got a replacement centro this week. i still have the same problem. Ugh!
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    I finally figured out what they are: they are attachments from my chatteremail. How do I stop them?
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    Have you got ChatterEmail configured to save email to the card? Ben
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    There is a problem of understanding what you are getting at here. I use ChatterEmail from 6:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. I use DTG from around 9AM to about 8 p.m. Now, from my experience, the device ALWAYS gives the option of opening up with whatever applications are available to handle the file type in question. In addition, being a "premium" release user, I use the files system, not the one that looks for everything that has the spinning wheel on top. So I am just confused and fail to understand how you are getting to where you getting.

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    I am using the "spinning wheel" thing that causes some of my chatteremail to appear in the DTG. Also, they are not synching to my desktop. Any idea why? Thanks in advance for trying to help me!
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    Then you do not have the premium release which gets rid of the wheel. To sync a file, you first gotta have DTG installed on the desktop. It will automagically sync everything that has the cute little hot sync thing to the right. If the hot sync to the right is not high lighted, it will not sync. Of course, ensure that the conduit is installed and active.

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    thanks for tryingto help! Why do I need to upgrade to something else? The DOC that came with the Centro will not work right? I have the conduit set in the hot sync icon to synchronize......but it does not happen. Suggestions? Thanks! (I just deleted the app and redownloaded it with the same result)
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    The desktop component of DTG has to be installed and the conduit enabled and the little hot sync symbol highlighted on the right side of the screen for the file you are wanting to sync.

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    I have docs on my Centro that I want to get over to my desktop. They are not synching over. Ideas? And is it necessary for me to upgrade? Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    We know you have DTG on the Treo. The 3 questions: is the desktop component of DTG installed on your desktop? and if so, is the conduit enabled? and if so, is the hot sync symbol in the DTG file management screen highlighted?

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    yes, yes, and I will check it when I get home! Thanks!
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    Start DTG on your device, go to the file management screen and look to the right side of that screen. If there is a DASH on the right side next to the file size, then it is not set to sync. You can also check under the hot sync icon at the top of the screen. If the hot sync icon is visible under the hot sync icon or to the far right of the file line, then it is set to sync. This can be done before getting home.

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    you are right! They are all (-). I will fix them! Now, any ideas why my chatteremail end up in the DTG? Thanks again!
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    There is no way an attachment will open automagically on the device unless you tap the attachment link. When you tap the attachment link, the device should prompt you to open it with a list of applications that are registered to open the file. On my device there are three applications that can open JPG files, the camera application, Resco Viewer and DTG and when the screen is displayed asking me to select the application to open the file attachment with, I tap the one I wanna use.

    If there is just one application that is registered to open the file, a prompt is still displayed asking if it is to be saved, opened, and other miscellaneous things to take your time.


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