As is typical with my Sprint/755, my unit randomly re-sets without warning. I suspect that the Little John Palm video game console emulator is causing the problems, but I complain less about free software than I do do about software I've paid to own.

Anyway, after one such re-set, my phone went into "Group Conference." When I press the left phone button, the upper bar says that there's a "Call in Progress." I can't disconnect the call with the red hang-up/off button. Bizarre.

The only choices I seem to have are (a) pulling the battery to re-set the device again, after which the "Group Conference" screen does not re-appear or (b) press the space bar for phone info.

Since the space bar option is usually only available when I call Sprint Service, I called them. As usual - waste of time. Sprint Service blames everyone else as a matter of course on Treos.

Has anyone else out there experienced this?