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    Note: I posted this in the general forum and had only one repsonse. I'm hoping this forum might provide more information.

    Short version: AT&T and Verizon are the only carriers that work for me. and I'm sticking with the Palm OS. Thus the two options are the AT&T 680 or the Verizon 755p. Or wait until one or the other gets out a Centro (not sure I can wait as my current AT&T 650 is on its last legs).

    So, why would I want one over the other? I know the specs, but what are the real world considerations, such as data speed (I use a lot of data), reliability, etc.

    Also, are there advantages to the carriers? AT&T has not impressed me with the network reliability. How is Verizon?

    Is there a noticeable difference between EvDo and EDGE? Can either be used as a modem for my laptop?

    What about battery life?

    Are the software products installed on them comparable -- e.g. same versions of Docs to Go, Ptunes, etc.

    What am I missing? Fill in the blanks for me before I drop the cash for a new phone.
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    EVDO is much faster than edge...

    I'm not sure on the verizon 755p but on Sprint, DocsToGo and PTunes are old (DocsToGo v8 something, PTunes v3 something). I would assume Verizon is the same.
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    How has the reliability been for your 755p? Are you having problems with resets or program conflicts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcase View Post
    How has the reliability been for your 755p? Are you having problems with resets or program conflicts?
    I replaced my Verzion 700p with the 755p a couple weeks ago. I've reloaded pretty much all the apps I had before and the 755 is much, much more quick and stable.

    One of my big complaints with the 700p besides the lag was the crappy bluetooth stack. The 755p has completely fixed that problem.

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    I would go with the 755p on Verizon...

    with EVDO, you wont be missing wifi too much, and it should be a quite while before we see the next Palm OS phone with Wifi... the 755p is a pretty good interim device.

    Of course if you have no plans to surf the web or do email on your phone, i'd go with the 680.
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    If you really want to you can get a Mini SD wifi card on the Treo 755p, if you don't mind the temporary added extrusion.

    My phone has been very stable unless I screwed it up myself by messing with apps that were unstable themselves or messed around with deleting databases. But I always keep a "clean" NVbackup anyways to go back to.

    I use Zlauncher, SkinUI, Sprint Mobile Email, Google Maps, FlightStatus, SplashID, Toccer, ChitChat Lite, Butler, PTunes, Snap, Tryda directory assistant, FileZ, KoolSounds, NVBackup, Resco Locker, TakePhone, PDANet, Palm Internals, as well as a few games and they all co-exist with no problems.
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    Papped where did you find a miniSD wifi card that works on the 755p? I've looked everywhere for one of those but never found one that will work on the palm os.
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    Looks like you're right, the 755p doesn't have any driver compatibility since the Palm wifi drivers don't suppor the Treos.

    Also, I think Blazer is locked to send data through the network, so in order to get around that you would have to use a proxy even if you hypothetically got WIFI to work to be able to have Blazer data sent through something other than the Sprint data.
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    Is it worth the several month wait for Centro? Or is it better to go with the 755p until the next generation OS is released in a year or so?
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    Depends. Does the keyboard size matter? If the smaller keyboard is a deal breaker (like it is for me) then I wouldn't wait for the Centro. Otherwise, the Centro is cheaper and has a newer software bundle.

    The only real differences between the 755p and the Centro are:

    Newer software bundle
    A lot cheaper
    Different form factor

    Larger keyboard
    Better paint job (the back of the Centro sparkles)
    Slightly larger screen
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    It really all depends on how long you want to use the device.. I think the 755 will outlast the centro in heavy use... the centro is nice and works pretty well but feels more like a little toy compared to the 755. But yes the centro is a hell of a lot cheaper and has newer software out but I would still choose the 755p over the centro even more so now that there was a versamail update recently.

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