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    Has anyone else had any connectivity issues with the Motorola S9's? Could it be something else, maybe my phone? I have a treo 755 with audio gateway. It works pretty well, until I move or put the phone in my pocket, then I lose the signal for a few seconds then it comes back. I have tried it on all sound qualities and it doesn't seem to change anything. Just wondering if you thought it might be something wrong with my headphones. Could it be a lag in the memory card being read? Or that I have too many programs and crap on my treo? I just want decent sound quality, that DOESN'T SKIP!! Thanks in advance.
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    I have the same problems. I use the 700wx
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    I am inclined to think that this is true for a lot of BT headphones. It is a radio and easily interfered.. not an expert though.

    I also have an S9 and a 755p... but i dont have this problem. i do use a leather holster and not put it in the pocket a lot though. i'll try that today.
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    I started using an arm band for my 755P to prevent this behavior. I think it's caused by the Treo's weak BT signal.
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    i put my Treo in my pocket today without any problems.

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