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    Having EAS sync problems with my 755p. What is an AirSAMStateMachine.c3259 1510 error? How do you fix it?
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    i googled it and found this for ya.... dont know if it will help or not.
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    Thanks, but this didn't help. I guess I'll have to try a hard reset and see if that clears this error message up.
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    what are you doing when you get this message? when does it pop up? It's probably a generic error code .. even palms web site doesn't have an answer to this error code.
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    1. Open battery door and remove battery to reset Treo
    2. Push email button and select account that uses EAS
    3. Pull down menu and select "Options", then click on "Sync All"

    This worked for me to get rid of the AirSAMStateMachine error on three occassions. I hope someone else finds this useful.

    I posted this thread a whilw ago.
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    usually if you try and keep syncing a couple of times they go away depending on the actual error. One phone I set up did this for like an hour and eventually goes away.

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