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    received a notice saying i wont get my rebate...

    then i got a $300 one in the mail today!
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    Just think how much you would've gotten if you had received a notice saying you were going to get one. LOL Congrats!
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    I also got a notice saying I would not get my rebate...and then a check came for $100
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    What was the reason you rebate was declined? My rebate was approved but my husbands was declined. It stated that they couldn't validate the phone number. I sent an email to ecare telling them to fix it and process it. The phone number seems to be valid every month when they want to send me a bill...
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    You might get a faster response going through the Rebate Dept. directly. That dept. is the best run dept. at Sprint even though they first lost and then declined my rebate. I guess that says a lot about Sprint.

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