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    Hey, I was just looking the Phone Info screen (from Home, hitting Menu, then I) on my Sprint 755p, and I found a ton of files 0K files, many with funny names. Here are some examples:
    • aacHelper
    • aacPlusCodec
    • AJL_Lib
    • AMIL_Lib
    • BtDunMgrLib
    • BtHsmLib
    • Buttons
    • Camera
    • Camera (yes, there's two of them)
    • CameraLib-camL
    • ContactsLib-P1CT
    • Date & Time
    • PhotoManager
    • Power
    • Prefs
    • ...lots more

    I've looked in there before, and I don't remember noticing them. So either I just forgot about them, never noticed them, or they're new...

    Does anyone know whether they're cause for worry or alarm? Are they just supposed to be there?

    [From shady, long-ago memories of bad-old DOS, I'm suddenly thinking about cross-linked and orphaned files...]
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    Not there on a 700p or Centro. Ben
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    Palm Knowledge base Article ID 42605

    Treo smartphone's Info screen shows some files with a size of 0K (zero KB)

    When you view the Info screen on your Treo smartphone, you may notice that a numer of files appear on the "Size" screen as 0K (zero KB).

    This is normal. These files are databases in your smartphone's ROM. They are not actually zero KB in size, but they appear this way in the Info screen because they are in ROM.

    They cannot (and should not) be deleted.
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    I misunderstood where to look at, though I thought this was it when I first read and looked at my device - then I looked at the message, noted the "phone" and went from there. Oh, well.

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    Thanks a lot for the info and the pointer to the KB article!

    Whew! That exorcises the niggling worry I was feelin' all day since I saw that.


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