Heya Guys,

What's nice about this Sony Ericsson case is,
it has a inside pocket that holds drivers license, credit cards, business cards
The case is small in size and has a solid belt clip that won't scratch your belt.
It took me forever to find this perfect match..
I love it...
Ive' gotten used to using a side case with my Treo's over the last 5 years and have been through 5 of them. This is DEF> the winner..

From Fry's electronics $29..(Looks exact. like the ones above)

Car mount
Not sure if this will hold the treo.

Ive' been dealing with annoying issues using a side beltclip case and the included stereo mic headset. (Gave up on bluetooth and like stereo option.)

If anyone uses the wired headset and this type of case, please respond with ideas/input.

The problem I have is after a call the phone keyguard does not come on and the on screen buttons are pressed.
How do you use this combo?
The keys always get accidentally pressed.

Is there an app that you can PROGRAM the answer button on the headset to do different things? Does this make sense?

I use Butler keyguard option and teal lock.

I would love to find a way to hide the headset on it, besides in my pocket.
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