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    I mentioned this in another thread, but I thought I would start a new thread here so that some more people might benefit from it. If you find the new 1.12 or 2.11 updates are problematic, this hybrid ROM might be for you. For instance, my Holux GR-231 GPS receiver does not connect well with TomTom 6 on the updated 1.12 or 2.11 ROM, but it works seamlessly with TomTom6 using the hybrid ROM.

    What is the hybrid ROM? It contains the 1.12 firmware and the 1.09 custom ROM:
    Firmware: R01.92
    Software: Treo680-1.09-ROW

    What are the benefits? It keeps your favorite 1.09 custom ROM and maintains the stability of your device that you have painstakingly achieved with the 1.09 ROM. Meanwhile it offers some advantages of the new update like gain in signal strength.

    How do you do it? If you still have the 1.09 cust ROM on your 680, download the 1.12 firmware from the following link, then update only the firmware to get the hybrid. If you have the 1.12 or 2.11 cust ROM on your 680, then reflash it with your favorite 1.09 cust ROM before doing the firmware update.

    1 - Strictly follow Jamesgangut's instructions on the 2.11 firmware update in post #1 of the 680 Custom Rom thread to run the 1.12 firmware update. Do it at your own risk!

    2 - Use Resco Explorer, Zlauncher or FileZ to delete the 6 files copied into the RAM (2 "GSM..."files and 4 "Firmware..." files) after the soft reset.
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    My Holux 236 works exactly the way it did, same way it always has...
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    Well, I guess the older Holux model is not completely compatible with the new update. Another annoying issue with the 1.12 or 2.11 updates is that SAG does not work properly. I would lose control of Ptunes from the Moto S9 or Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 headset using SAG (e.g. unable to pause or forward etc.). Does anyone else notice this? Anyway, I am very happy that the hybrid ROM works like a charm, free from any of these issues!
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    Holux M1000B Works fine with TT6 on my Copper Treo 680 (1.12 ROW)
    AT&T 8925 + 8GB MicroSDHC + Jabra BT8040

    Copper TREO 680 + 16GB SDHC + Holux M1000B + Palm BT Keyboard + Motorola S9
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    I also went back to 1.09ROW

    I was having troubles with bluetooth in Pathaway, but even more irritating was the locking up in low signal zones and the fact that soft reset would lock up 50% of time in the phone app. The phone would work but I couldn't get out of it. Hobbyist software is planning an upgrade of "Power Hero" and one of the improvements (still in progress) will be to cycle the phone or soft reset to reduce the unusual power drain caused by TGP and other Palm OS anomolies, so I wanted at the very least for reset to work correctly.

    Transistion back to 1.09 was flawless. Reflashed and restored from NVbackup and everything worked unlike the change to 1.12. This is very subjective but I think the phone is a little less "snappy" but overall I am happy to be back at 1.09.

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    I stated above I went back to 1.09 which included the firmware from 1.09.
    Since you upgraded firmware to 1.12 (keeping 1.09 ROM) have you noticed the problems I mentined ? Namely soft reset doesn't complete thru applications like "Softreset", or "Soft Reset" or the reset in TreoLauncher and requires the battery to be removed for a sucessful reset ?
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    palmerl, I have never experienced any soft reset problem with the hybrid ROM. I normally use Launch-Anywhere or ZLauncher to soft reset and occasionally use Screen Button, Resco Explorer, or Uninstall to reset. They all work without any glitch. My 680 works best with the 1.09ROW and I am going to stick with the hybrid for good.
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    I have done what you did. I have had no problems with reset after the upgrade/downgrade back to 1.09 with new f/w.

    Treo does seem less snappy, but more reliable.

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    Does anyone still have the original poster's 1.12 firmware updater (to update to R0192 firmware without updating ROM)? The original link is down due to inactivity.

    Thanks in advance
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    OK, I updated the link in post #1. You should be able to download the updater now.
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    Is it possible to have the old firmware MW1.50 and a the new Rom 1.12 at the same time?

    Newer firmwares have a lot of reception problem outside the U.S.
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    The download link doesn't work anymore.

    Does anyone else have the files to share? thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by treofun View Post
    The download link doesn't work anymore.

    Does anyone else have the files to share? thanks
    The link is now reactivated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledragon View Post
    The link is now reactivated.
    Sweet, thanks Littledragon. I'll post my results after I try it on monday.
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