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    I updated my computer with the AT&T 2.11 update last thurs or Friday morning. I have a backup on NVBackup from Friday that I would like to restore, b/c currently, my Treo 680 is lagging REALLY slow between apps, and I think it was b/c I applied then deleted ispin and a few other things. IF I restore the backup set from last Friday, that will:

    A: Keep my software update, I assume?
    B: Might solve my lagging problem, b/c on Friday it was going quickly between apps and I hadn't tried iSpin yet.
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    I'm not sure what the AT&T update was, so I can't answer this definitively. My guess would be that there shouldn't be a problem. However, you could try a complete backup and if that messes up the functionality with the new update, then do a hard reset, and then try a selective restore. A couple other things I would mention would be to look at finding a cache clearing app, because if you are using a lot of your memory cache, then that will slow things down a bit. Another suggestion would be to get a good uninstall program and device "cleaner." There is Destaller Pro and is freeware younger sibling, Destaller Lite, and there is the Neatfreak Pack, that include Uninstaller and Cleanup. This way you can delete un-needed files, apps, preferences etc. that sometimes get orphaned when deleting just the application. These too will also slow your system down and sometimes cause resets. Hope that helps.

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    Installing the update and then restoring from the previous card backup can cause problems, though most of us still do so. What happens is that old system files get put on top of new system files and sometimes that creates a conflict. The best thing to do is what Palm tells us to do with no explanation given. What is that: back the device up first via hot sync, do the update and then sync back - when syncing back the old system files do not mess with the new system files.

    Anyway, conflicts that occur immediately after a ROM update may best be approached with a hard reset and then installation of your applications one at a time.

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    U will end up with reset loops
    It happened to all with GSM unlocked updater

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