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    my first phone was treo 600 and loved the Palm OS until 700 series then i got WM treo 700wx and loved it even more...but over time one thing i found on windows is the annoyance of having to add on tons of after market things to do the same thing...they both have their ups and in point I now have the touch since launch love it but most of all i DO miss the physical full keyboard from the palm phones...since sprint has a crappy line up I'm wondering what else is there that i can really go to at this the centro worth it? in terms of going back to POS? cause it would still give sprint tv built in threaded sms, unlimited call log, these little things to me make a big difference..the OS doesn't crash as much or inst as buggy. granted you cannot customize and add any apps like you can on windows...what other options are there to have a windows phone in a compact format with a full qwerty keyboard AND touchscreen....? unless there is something coming that I don't know know about....any suggestions? again this is just a thought but i cant stand not having the keyboard...iv dealt with it and do on a daily basis but if i had the choice, given all the greatness of this touch i would go back to a keyboard touchscreen any day....what are some peoples thoughts
    What is the battary life like on the centro? any bugs or issues? has anyone had the same history in terms of Palm OS to windows and back to palm? any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Hotis, I switch between the 700wx and Centro all the time. Reason is I really dig the Centro--it's the best PalmOS device they ever created (and about as good as it can get with that old OS). Doesn't crash, no lags, great signal, BT works heck, just read my editorial on my mini-review of it

    I'd say make the switch BUT, if you can hold out for a few months, you may want to wait for the Treo 800w on Sprint, which should really be a great device (Wifi, GPS, lots of memory, 320x320 resolution, WM6, etc.).

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    Malatesta, responses like yours give me reason to wait for a few months before moving up. My wife has a Centro and loves it. I have a 700P that is rock solid, but I personally want multi-tasking.


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