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    I live in Texas and traveled to Portland, OR last week on a business trip with my 3-week old 755P. I was situated in downtown for my entire trip, attending a conference at a hotel. I was unable to pick up a Sprint signal for 4 of my 5 days in town and was roaming (blue triangle). I missed all incoming calls, as they went straight to voice mail and never showed in my call log. I could call out and use e-mail/internet with no issues, both through a non-Sprint network.

    I called Sprint technical support and they suggested a soft reset. I removed the battery, placed it back into my phone, and picked up the network for about an hour with full signal strength before losing the signal again. I gave up since I could still use the phone in roaming mode before returning home in a few days.

    Unexpectedly, the Sprint network appeared on my phone during the last day of my trip and gave full signal strength in my hotel even though my physical location had not changed. As an aside, a Portland-based colleague of mine received a full signal on the Sprint network with his Palm Centro during my entire trip.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does the Sprint network vary from city-to-city? I have never experienced an issue like this on previous Sprint phones, including a 700P, when traveling to major metro areas. Any thoughts on the potential cause?

    Also, how are you charged when roaming? I made over 100 minutes of outbound calls on the weekend while roaming. Will these count against my standard minutes or come from my pool of night/weekend minutes?

    My last question deals with my phone’s performance after returning home. After being back in my home market for approx. 24-hours, my phone began the Palm-Access Powered loop. I tried soft and system resets before doing a hard reset. It is now working in native mode. I will synch tonight when I return home and re-load my Palm data and apps. Could this reset be related to my roaming issue? I have loaded no new software in over two weeks and was not experiencing any issues with the phone prior to traveling to Portland.

    Thanks for the guidance.

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    I have no answer for your questions, however - I would definitely call Sprint Customer Service and complain, and ask for some kind of credit, as I am sure you will be charged for roaming. If it is a hardware issue, then your phone should still be under warranty; perhaps take it in and see if there is a firmware issue??

    Good luck
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    Yeah sounds like the two problems are related. I would definately take your phone to a repair center and have it looked at though a hard reset should have fixed any software issue but would not fix the problem if it is hardware related. I would also check your bill/plan to make sure that you have roaming on your plan and if now call and get the credit from sprint (im sure if you plead your case to the right person you will get all the credit) and if you don't have roaming I would definately add it, I think it only costs 5 bucks extra a month but I could be wrong on that.
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    If you are a new customer on a new plan there are NO separate charges for roaming. However it WILL eat up your anytime minutes. I've confirmed this with customer service and by reading the contract. I did notice though that when I use roaming minutes during the weekend my anytime minutes were not charged.

    So the bottom line is: Roaming is fine (if you have a roaming included Fair and Flexible or Power Pack plan) its just that when you call a Sprint customer it will count as anytime minutes instead of M2M minutes

    I had a similar problem with with my first Centro (somewhat different). I would have full bar of signal on "Sprint" network at my work but it wont receive any calls nor could I make any calls. However on "roam" it was just fine. it was within 30 days so they sent me a brand new Centro and it worked fine on "Sprint" network from then on. I'd check with customer service/ technical support to see if they will give you a new phone.

    Keep us posted
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    My plan has no roaming and I pay a lot per minute (40-50 cents a minute), but I'm on an old plan that I don't want to give up. I think I can add it for $5.00 a month, but it's so rare that I'm somewhere that I'm roaming it generally doesn't impact me that much (certainly not $60.00 a year's worth).

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    Just to clarify, if you have free/UL roaming, it is not necessarily UL. If more than half of your calls are roaming, Sprint may drop you and suggest you find a carrier that you can get a good signal from.
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    I just received my Sprint bill and wanted to follow up with the board. I was not charged for roaming. Rather, the calls I made were listed as “AM - Off Network - Included in America Plan.” The weekend calls were labeled as “NW/AM” and counted towards my night and weekend minutes.

    As far as the phone itself, I took it to Sprint when I returned home and it checked out fine. They suggested that I change my phone’s setting to “Home Networks Only” instead of the “Allow Roaming” setting I used while on my trip. I have done so, but not traveled outside of my home network since this happened.

    The phone has continued to work as normal – I have had to hard reset once during the past month – but no other issues.

    Thanks again to everyone who responded to my question.

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    I would be careful with setting your phone to "Home networks only". I had a simlar issue early on with my 755p, because of a number port problem.

    I spoke to a customer service rep and she told me to set my phone to "home only". While I was sitting in class where I would normally pick up a roaming signal, I would have no service at all.

    I called Sprint again, and the person I spoke to this time said NOT to set a phone to "home only" if you have roaming included on your plan. He told me by setting it to home only, it would never allow me to pick up a roaming signal even if no Sprint service was in the area.

    So that would be leaving you without any connection at all when outside Sprint coverage. Where I go to school in Central PA, the cell service isn't great. I can be at my apt and hop from Sprint to roaming randomly.

    Bottom line- I wouldn't change the setting to "home only" if you aren't be charged for roaming calls. In a time of need you may find yourself without service.

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