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    Does anyone sell replacement cases for the 700? Preferably different colors I don't want to upgrade to one of the newer (crappy) treos, but I'd like to see a color change if possible, and my current case is pretty beat up
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    Yeah, you are new here. There are thousands of cases. You can start here:
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    I think he means the hard shell casing of his Treo itself. Not a store bought leather or skin case which can be purchased anywhere on and offline.

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    Yes indeedy, I'm looking for something that requires physically disassembling the unit to install it If I wanted one of those slip ons, I could just get one from work
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    I have never seen what you are talking about.
    But you could buy a replacement housing on Ebay and paint it or something.
    I think that sort of thing was popular with some back in the 650 days.

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