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    I have a Sprint 700P.

    I know the SMS database on Treo's have an inclination to get corrupted. But I'm not certain corruption is my problem, as half the time I can restore a freshly made copy of the file.

    I use a spare battery and swap between the two at least 3 times per day.

    I noticed that the battery swaps (essentially a reset) would often cause my SMS's to disappear upon reboot. This happens about once in every 5 battery swaps, or every other day.

    So, I started using NVBackup. But that too is unreliable. Half the time when I selectively restore my Message Database it works. The rest of the time I'm still left with an empty text application.

    Currently, I create a new NVBackup every time I dare to change my batteries. Knowing full well that if the messages disappear, it's only 50/50 that NVBackup will save me. Otherwise, I go back to an older backup. And an older one after that - until I find one that will restore correctly.

    And when on occassion the phone crashes, I hold my breath that the messages will come back. Because for those unplanned 'resets' I didn't know to have a current backup on standby.

    Anyway, this is driving me crazy and making the phone a lot less fun to use and own. I'm used to Treo's being flakey. But I can't understand why NVBackup is letting me down. I've heard so many good things about it.

    Would a better backup program save me? Is there a program that would just backup my SMS's quickly and reliably on the go? I really don't need to waste time deleting and creating 3 backup sets every day. Especially when that chore still isn't very reliable.


    Lately, I've been too afraid to swap batteries and endanger my texts. So, I've tried like crazy to keep my Treo plugged in. But today I knew I'd be away from power too long not to have to risk it.

    In preperation I made 2 new backup sets and updated 2 old sets. Four backups!!! Also, in between making each set, I'd send myself a text so that each backup message database would be different. I wasn't taking any chances.

    As you can guess, after the battery swap, I lost all of my texts! None of the 4 NVBackups I made were able to restore my messages. I'm disgusted. Any ideas how I can avoid this from happening again?
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    What NVBackup version are you using? Updating to 1.21 seems to have resolved my SMS database corruption issues. YMMV.
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    I got excited for a second. But, alas, my version is already at 1.21. Still, thanks for the suggestion.
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    I use Backupman and just yesterday restored my lost SMS messages. But I did a whole refresh, then re-synch. It takes about 3 minutes to restore from a backup on my SD card. I never tried the selective restore even though it offers this function.

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