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    I've started using my Centro, but have not used the supplied software cd. I currently have Palm Desktop from my TX running and am not sure how to proceed; I would like to update data in one place (often on the PC) and have it sync equally to both devices.

    How should I set up so that both TX and Centro sync to the PC, and what to do with the Palm/Sprint CD? Eventually I expect to replace some of Palm desktop with other apps, but for now it does the job.

    It's a sorta newbish question I realize, but... I'd rather get it right the 1st time.
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    Previous desktops have normally been backwards compatible. In order to sync the two devices, they must have different hot sync names. If both devices share the same hot sync name, then you must rename the folder each time you sync - the desktop will not let you sync 2 devices with the same name. (at least the previous desktop was that way).

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    OK. When/how do I set the hotsync ID for the new gadget?
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    From the Palm Desktop or when you first sync the device it will ask for a name. For best performance, no spaces at the beginning or end.

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    To be a little more specific, once you open up the desktop you'll see a Hotsync ID in the upper right hand corner. If you don't see any, then you need to create one. Just hit the button to the right of "User:" that says Edit Users and type whatever you want your hotsync ID to be. One recommendation I would make would be not to use any punctuation in your ID. I have a apostrophe in mine and it has caused a number of problems with third party developers, who for some reason drop the '.
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    I do sync my TX to the version of PalmDesktop that came on Sprint CD. No issues so far
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    Thanks! Hm... perhaps it's worth installing the new P. Desktop, it may have some sort of Sprint compatibility features. It should be able to absorb the old data.

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