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    This is regarding a Sprint Treo 700wx, and an Aliph Jawbone.

    Well, after converting from a stereo BT headset to the mono Jawbone, I can no longer listen to any music over my BT! So, after much searching, I see that many have helped us by providing software to facilitate this task. These are a few of the titles i've come across:

    So, onto my issue. I have attempted to use all of these programs, and have not been successful in getting ANY of them to work. Before installing one, I would unpair my headset; then install the title, soft reset, re-pair, and then attempt to initiate the software...and no dice. <rips out hair>

    Almost all of them illicited a response from my Treo. For example, when using BTAudio Utilities & VJBlueSync I could get the bluetooth headphone icon to toggle on and off, but there was no transfer of the audio to the headset.

    I see some have had success with Hannip's patch using verizon files, but since i am on 1.15, i assume that i have those bases covered.

    So, do any of you run software of this sort with a WM os? What kind do you use? Any helpful suggestions? TIA!
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    Have you looked at Softick's Audio Gateway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Have you looked at Softick's Audio Gateway?


    Quote Originally Posted by Parasite View Post
    This is regarding a Sprint Treo 700wx, and an Aliph Jawbone.

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    Sorry about that. Ben
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    Well, I have a 700p, but I'll try to help anyway. You'll need to make sure whatever software you try to use will deliver the audio to the profiles that the Aliph Jawbone supports (which I'll guess are only the Hands Free Profile - HFP or the HeadSet Profile - HSP). Most bluetooth software when trying to pass along music over a bluetooth connection will try to send it to the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which I'm fairly sure that your Aliph Jawbone does not support. At least on the Palm side, no one's succeeded in routing all audio (like music) to the HFP or HSP profiles. You can read my comments on that here.

    Essentially, I'm saying it may not be possible to route music to your Aliph Jawbone (although it seems to indicate that's a possibility on their website). You'll have to get a more definitive answer from one of the WinMob guys. Good luck!
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    well, thank you for that.

    and yes, you are correct: the Jawbone does NOT support A2DP, but when pairing it with my device, i am given the option to use it as a Handsfree and/or a Headset. Selecting one or the other or both seems to have no effect on my specific issue.

    After reading your post, and looking into Softick more, it's sad they haven't yet developed Audio Gateway for WM. As far back as Sept '06, they were supposedly 'working on it'.
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    No love for the 755p on these types of programs? I've been searching and nothing Any suggestions anyone?
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