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    well, i noticed that now verichat doesnt work with centro, they patched it so that it worked for 700-755, now it doesnt work so i have moved on to a supported im program mundu and its upcoming version 4.1 which i have (if u buy it and tell them u run a centro they will send it to u) its only 11 usd <3 and its way better then verichat, i want to hear from other mundu users and other im+ users, whats the best? are they all compatible with centro? er im+ i mean

    note if u find a build of mundu 4.1 for the centro..

    it has a dissconnection problem they have just fixed, but they have yet to release it, its the best program ive seen since verichat, its worth the wait, or buy it and they can send it to u! lemme kno yor thoughts ty
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    I have the beta installed on my wife's Centro and it is working well. V3 of the Mundu IM also works fine on the device.


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