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    Last summer I started here with the post "You guys are scaring me" because I had just bought a Verizon 700p and saw all the posts about problems. Now that I've had it a while I figured I'd update for the benefit of anyone else considering a 700p.

    Overall, I'm happy with the 700p. I like the POS. Despite it's shortcomings it still works best for what I do. I only run a few 3rd party apps and my phone has been pretty stable. Not many resets.

    The biggest annoyance is the HUGE delay I sometimes get when opening the browser. This took a lot of getting used to since my old Kyocera 7135 never lagged like that. OTOH the 7135 was SO slow as an internet tool. I can do so much more with the 700p. I rarely break out my laptop anymore. In fact, I'm writing this on my 700p.

    As for apps and add-ons, I have a Freedom Mini GPS that works as advertised. Google Maps and WAI are great. TomTom Navigator 6 not so much. TT is slow to link to the Freedom, slow to calculate routes, has a cumbersome menu structure, and is generally annoying to me. It does work if you're patient but I wouldn't recommend it as a primary GPS tool. It's OK as a backup or secondary device, like when my wife's driving and we don't have the Magellan standalone with us.

    I use a Treo BT headset and have had no problems with keeping it paired. I also use BT to move files and photos from the Treo to a laptop without problems.

    I use the camera a fair amount and it is adequate. I don't use Ptunes much. I prefer net radio. I usually use the built-in speaker and plop it on my desk to listen while I work.

    Battery life is fine for me and I picked up a cradle to charge the Treo and spare battery.

    Overall I would be comfortable recommending the 700p to someone who wants a POS smartphone with the caveat that it isn't perfect. Now I see Verizon is rolling out the 755p which I hear resolved some of the 700's problems, but I'll stick with the 700 for a while.

    Thanks for all your helpful posts. This is a great resource for Treo owners.

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    Oops. "Months" not "monrhs." That's why I can't get a Centro - fat fingers!

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