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    Where to start?
    Well, I have a new Treo 680 (AT&T)-- the second one I've bought (first was a gift to The Young Lady In Question, who is quite fond of it).
    This after switching from a Treo 650 to a Blackjack (a decent introduction to Windows Mobile) and a Tilt (an amazing device). I might get rid of the Blackjack, but will probably hang onto the Tilt.

    So, why am I back? Part of it is a hardware requirement -- I cannot get a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device to support DUN. Mabye I'm doing it wrong, but I can't get USB Modem or PDAnet to work properly due to port conflicts or configuration issues beyond my limited skills to remedy. And, my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet can only connect to phones via BT DUN.
    I'd been using a fairly basic flip-phone to tether it, and ran up against another problem: I absolutely detest having to use 12-key/T9 for SMS. Of course, there isn't a working SMS application for the tablet... I used the old trick of email-to-SMS ([phone number] but it's a bit awkward, and requires that you know the recipient's cell provider.
    So, I needed a QWERTY phone, and WinMo ones weren't working. I don't know if you can even tether to a Blackberry... In any case, that pretty much meant the 680, as the bluetooth implementation on the 650 was a bit... primitive, I suppose, is a good way to put it. That, and a couple of years of heavy use has taken its toll on the device.
    I looked at some other QWERTY phones -- and, if one could BT tether to the Samsung 2-way-flip phone on Verizon, I'd have seriously considered switching. (Yes, it's possible, but only by typing in a maintenance code on a per-session basis. Even the Treo 650 manual DUN switching is easier!) The Centro looked like a good choice too, but in the long run it's cheaper to not get a second phone contract, and I could live within EDGE bandwidth. Worst case, I could always swap the SIM card into a 3G-capable phone...

    So I got the 680, and discovered the OTHER reason I needed it: it's really a stand-alone PDA (with a phone melded in) that I'm actually going to get some use out of. Over the last few months I'd been using WinMo devices (and, especially the Tilt, very good ones). I'd found myself not using the PDA parts of them -- never really seemed intuitive, and they feel incomplete without Outlook (a problem, as I lack Outlook and an Exchange server...) I'd even been using the inactive T650 as an alarm clock and timer around the house because I could set it quickly and count on it waking me up if needed. Again, I didn't quite trust the Tilt to do that without backup.

    And, oddly, DSL reports says it's faster than any other EDGE device I've used, by a good margin. So, even on that front, I'm not unhappy.

    Thanks for putting up with my rambling here. I like my new toy.

    Blackjack, Tilt; Treo 90, 270-680; Palm Vx, i705, T|T3, iQue 3200; Nokia N800, E71
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    Welcome back to the real world.

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