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    I searched but could not come up with how to move my P700 to new computer. couldn't find in the manuel either. Please help.
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    I believe I did it this way:

    Install the Palm Desktop on the new computer. (But Vista may be a whole new ballgame.) (These are XP instructions.)

    Copy the "Program Files/Palm" directory from old computer to new. (This brings all your PIM sync files to the new computer, as well as, 3rd party backup files.)

    If you have a 3rd party program that saves itself differently or has conduits, you will have to fresh install it onto the new computer. (Pocket Quicken as an example.)

    (Do not get rid of old computer and files until transfer is complete to your satisfaction.)

    Should be set to go.
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    Thank you.

    Here is my plan.

    Load New Palm software

    1. copy whole "program files/Palm" to programs/programsfiles

    2. just synce treo--keeping same user names.

    Does this duplicate contacts. I have seen some where that contacts can some times show up in duplicate after a sync. Not sure which syncing process causes this but want to avoid.

    Thanks again.
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    Do not think it will duplicate.

    If it does there is a product called Undupe.

    Or you could set conduits to handheld overwrites desktop for this first sync and then set them back to syncronize.
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    I must have done something wrong. when i tried to sync, it will not make the connection.

    Here is what I did.

    I added new palm software.

    did not sync or name phone in set up.

    copied old "Program files/palm" to new computer programs files/

    Now have many files duplicated in Program files/palm new computer. all is back up so i can delete and start again, but not sure what to do.

    Please help.


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    It has taken me some time and a couple of approaches did not work, both I found on the web. I will summarize what did not work and what did work.

    Background. I was migrating from an IMB T21 with W2000 to IMM T40 with XP--xp software upgraded last week.

    Treo 700--had for about 18 months. Synced to the T21 before I migrated about a week ago. Did not sync Treo to T21 since.

    What did not work for me:

    1. Copying and pasting "Program files\Palm" from older computer and pasting to new computer and then adding installation of palm software from CD that came with Treo 700. Could not get my phone to sync. T40 did not recognize T700.

    2. Delete Palm folder from T40 and reloading palmdesk soft ware from CD that came with treo and then pasting Palm folder from the T21. Again when tried to sync T40 apparently did not recognize the treo.

    What worked:

    Thought that maybe i caused problems by not using the program uninstall in control panel. I just cut or deleted the Palm folder. I deleted the palm folder on T40 again, but when I opened CD that came from sprint, I got a screen to modify or to do somethng else or to delete palm desk top. I chose to delete palm desk top. Then I ran install wizard from Sprint CD--had to rigth click and find the desktop software on the CD. when I clicked the install wizard began and when about its business including asking me if ok to down load latest version which I said yes to. Soon I got a screen that said congratulations you have successfully installed palm desktop software. Move to syncing your phone. So with baited breath, I hooked up phone through the USB cable and pressed the hot sync button. It began a sync process--t40 recognized the T700 and when through an orderly syncing process. In the end it looks like contacts and calender ok on both phone and the T40. Books and docs to go files also on phone or SD card and seem ok. On old computer that 57 folders and 118 files in the Palm folder. Now have 57 folders and 1504 files. Not sure what or where the missing 14 files are. Hopefully lost and will cause no difficulty.

    Thanks to all that helped, especially Perry.

    Seems to me that Palm, Sprint and Treo Central should have a formal step by step on how to do what I needed to do. could be very helpful to the next person and save him or her some fair amount of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vitb9doc View Post
    Seems to me that Palm, Sprint and Treo Central should have a formal step by step on how to do what I needed to do. could be very helpful to the next person and save him or her some fair amount of time.
    Well, I agree on the first two, because they manufacture and sell the product, (in the case of Palm, both) but TreoCentral doesn't share the obligation. It's users like me and you, doing the kind of helpful thing that you did in your last post by giving the details of what worked, that makes this site work.
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    Hey vitb9doc,

    Glad you got it done, and great follow up on posting what worked and did not.

    I wonder if installing the 700p CD desktop on the new computer, then pasting the files and folders from the Palm directory of the old computer to the newly created Palm folder on the new computer would have been a better sequence. . . . . . . I believe that is what I did . . . but of course that was 3 years ago.

    Sorry if I gave you a bum steer.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry, thanks again. I think we made some progress. Perhaps what you describe in last e mail would have worked, too.

    cheers until the next time.

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