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    a few weeks ago, the once-reliable Minutes Plus started resetting my 680 as soon as I'd start it. (if you don't use it, it's a freeware app that tracks voice usage.)

    I thought maybe the GSM upgrade might fix it, but after applying it via SD card and simple HotSync I'm still getting the soft reset. however, based on a preliminary test (=5 minutes) everything else appears to be working just fine.

    I suppose a hard reset might fix it, but I'd really rather not go to the trouble. anyone know of a freeware voice use tracker?
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    thanks, but it's kind of confusing to me. with MinutesPlus I could just set the billing date and see at a quick glance how many daytime minutes I'd used -- if MCL has this option, I can't find it. I can see the totals for a time period (but with hours instead of minutes, which isn't useful) plus it doesn't break down the totals by daytime/nighttime.
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    just did what I should have done to begin with -- deleted & reinstalled it, and MP is working fine, for the moment anyway.

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