I have the extended warranty with Verizion, which has really paid for itself thanks to Palm. At Christmas my 600 woc started the speaker buzz. I have had a 600 woc since they first came out pretty much and have replaced them every year or so due to speaker buzz. This time Verizon finally said we have no more 600's to send you so we will send you a new 700P woc. I just though I would post my thoughts.

I followed Palm upgrade instructions and just synced my PIM data than added back in my apps one by one. Everything went fine except I forgot the 1.10 update and ended doing that after I had already set everything up. In the short amount of time I used it I had a few random resets and freeze ups. After using it a few days I installed the free Astraware Sudoku program the Palm and Verizon give you with the update. After that my messaging program was broke. I could send messages but did not see them in my sent folder and I could receive messages but than never find them in the inbox. I believe the Sudoku program corrupted the messaging database, it can send results by SMS. I probably could have fixed it if I could have found the messaging database and replaced from a backup but did not realize what had happened. VZW tech support had me do a hard reset and then tested the SMS which than work so they washed their hands of the problem. I rebuilt my palm again with the PIM data by sync and then installed my apps and set my preferences again, except the Astraware Sudoku. Interestingly I have not had any random resets after rebuilding my 700P but it still freezes occasionally.

Here are the additional apps I have installed.
Palm Files
Google Maps
Pilot Othello
Pocket Tunes Deluxe
Reflex (weight lifting tracker)
Spruce Checkers
Spruce Chess
Sudoku (not Astraware)
TCPMP (to play video, I could never figure out how to encode for the Palm tool)

In the end since I cannot have a camera there are not any other options from Palm and VZW and I am not willing to switch to a blackberry device which is my only other option for VZW without a camera. So I guess I will just have to keep the 700P.

600 vs. 700
Love the new LCD
Touchscreen seams to work better
Keyboard is not quite as good as 600's
Phone app looks nicer but is not any more functional
EVDO is nice but don't use data much
Have not tried the bluetooth
Really like having voice memo
3rd side key was a needed addition
Really don't like the new alerts, I have to get out the styles to clear them. I wish there was some way to bring them up and clear them with the keys.