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    razix....any hope for this program making its way to the 755p?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    Hey Razix...

    I've registered and completed the formalities. But it don't work on my Cingular Treo 650 GSM phone. I'm getting "Location info not found" (or similar).

    Since so many have used MyLocation successfully all over the world and are happy with it, I guess I must be doing something wrong. Any pointers to what could be the problem?

    GoogleMaps is in memory.

    - mvk
    Just a guess, Greenhex, but is it possible you're running your own Location program I recall you have? I bet this is doing something very similar.

    Update: .1 miles away from actual location at work. Once again, the tower is fairly far away from actual location (about .3 miles) but for location-based information, close enough!
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    That was my first (non-scientific (_why_ should it interfere...)) suspect as well, but I deleted TreoSpot after the initial problems... Still not good.

    Razix has communicated that "my" cell tower is (possibly) not (yet) in the database.

    - mvk
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    The first couple of time I tried this, it was about 10 miles off. Put me in the Atlantic ocean, in fact. Next couple tries were about a mile away.
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    I just found this thread, so I registered (the registration process went very smoothly and quickly) and downloaded the app. I have a 680 on T-Mobile and, even with a poor signal, it got me to within a mile of my home, where I'm now sitting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does when I'm out and have a good signal. Thanks razix!
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    Downloaded and installed great. Thanks Razix!

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    Hi there,

    just to share with you my good xperience with this little piece of freeware software installed on my Treo 680!

    From the web site:

    "When the "My Location" feature from Google was released, it made the application even better. However, Google was not able to make this feature available for the Treo series. I love Google and a good challenge... as a result, I bring you "MyLocation" for the Palm Treo Series. This application uses the current Google Maps (ver:, consider it a "patch" to the Google Maps application"

    You install a small prc file, launch the program (an internet connection is required) and after a while Google Maps is opened and your approx location is shown, no GPS required!
    I made two test, the first it missed my position by about 500 m, the second was perfectly calibrated :-)


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    The site says GSM required. Does this mean there is no chance it will work on Sprint or Verizon phones, (including my Centro from Sprint)?
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    I believe MyLocation only worked on WinMo devices when it was first released. Now it works on GSM Treo.

    I would think a CDMA version will pop up sometime soon.

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    Works on unlocked 680 on T-Mobile
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    What about us poor Sprint (CDMA) users? Any possibilities of a future version supporting this?
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    Yeah! Show us CDMA users some love man :-)
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    thank you raziz.

    i wrote you a mail this morning since it was not working. i guess the problem was that i had Google Maps working trought CardLauncher. Uninstalled-reinstalled in Ram and now everything is fine.

    Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
    Device: unlocked 680 (bought in USA)
    error: 600meters aprox
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    It seems to me that this program is taking tower info during GPRS connection login. I found that if you already have open GPRS connection before launching my location, it firstly shut it off, then reattach it and voooalia... It is wonderfull - I have precision around 250 meters!!! Thank you, Razix!!!!
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    Finally got it to work but it's like 20 Km off though I am sure there are cellphone towers in my suburb
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    thanks razix, works in hamburg, germany as well :- )
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    Can someone please just post the file?

    I tried registering with two email addresses, and I still have not received the account activation email to download the product!!!

    If it is freeware, why all the hassle???? It should be easier to download!!!!
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    use the contact page on razix to contact me, and I will email the file to you. Check your spam/junk mail folder. most users do not have any problems.
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    I downloaded a couple of days ago and it's working fine for me. It gets me about 2 blocks away from our home. Today is errand day so I'll check to see how close it finds me.
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