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    "...Sprint announced that it had a net loss of 638,000 contract customers...."


    that's a big is that going to affect the Centro?

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    Not sure what this has to do with the Centro or any other phone that they carry. I would think that since the Centro is doing well in the market, and Sprint is the only provider of it, that Sprint is doing better as a result. Why people are leaving has nothing to do with the Centro. How many people are leaving the other carriers? I moved my business lines from various carriers all to Sprint. My wife left T-Mobile on a month to month deal to sign with Sprint because of the Centro.
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    Sprint isn't doing to well. Will it affect :
    - the ROM update for Centro
    - EVDO expansion

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    The way I see it, now is the time to go into an extreme PANICKED STATE. I find myself endlessly staring at my lil Centro and 700p, waitng to see the little light go out. That's when I'll know I should move to a, forgive me, a Crackberry on some other network....eeeewww, just the thought makes me wanna barf my lunch up.

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    what is sad is the VZ will benefit the most if sprint fails. And we all know how SLOW they are to release phones. They will have a CMDA monopoly. Ugh
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    How many of those 638k are just out of contract?...if that is part of the calculation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    The official line is that CENTRO is doing well but I have yet to see anyone else on the street with a CENTRO.

    I have seen TONS of them. Where do you live?

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