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    hey. Ok, I'm a merchandiser at Staples and every night I have to plan out what I need to do. The thing is that I have a lot of little things to do, with small details that I have to remember. But I also have big things that require me to budget my time (alarms?). I've been using the built in to-do app, but i don't like how work mixes in with personal stuff, then i have to delete it later. any suggestions for an app that would allow me to plan my tasks at work while budgeting my time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-- jeff
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    Try shadow plan at It's an outliner with a good many choices you can make to get just the kind of outline you need for your work. It doesn't have a true desktop companion yet, but it is in the works, and all upgrades are free. I think the program is only about $13 as well. You can always try it out for a while first.
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    Bonsai is an outliner too that lets you select check boxes so you can mark off completed items. Items can have sub items too.

    So you could have

    Price Changes
    PDA Accessories
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    and I'll put in a vote for Progect.
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    I must agree with Homer - Progect is a fantastic (PDA only) planning tool. I just downloaded the update and can't believe this project management tool is FREE! You can create ToDo's directly from Progect and it's very user friendly. Before spending money on anything else, at least give Progect a try!

    On another note... since you work at Staples, what's the deal with their handheld accessories? I bought the Handspring Modem for $49 about a month ago (heard it dropped to $29) and I've been hearing about other modules (ThinModem & Xircom 56k) being clearanced out too. Can you give us a hint of what's next (if anything)? Also, is there a way to order such clearanced items from


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    I just checked out progect too. Wow for FREE!

    Do they have a color version?
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    Ya know, to be honest i wish i knew more about the inside dealings in that department. I basically work office supplies but i wanted electronics so bad. it's not fair! anyway... i'm gonna keep an aye out for stuff.

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