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    My treo started by hotsync by it self. It was doing it one per hourk, the last day it started to hotsync by it self every min. Every time I try to use the treo, it just hotsync and hotsync.
    Has any one faced this problem before, or know what is the solution?
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    Have the hotsync port contacts gotten wet? That will do it every time.
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    My Treo is doing the same thing attempting to hot sync every minute. And yes the hot sync ports did come in contact with water.

    How can i fix it?
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    It will quit it eventually. Try to blow the connection dry gently. Turn it off and put it in the freezer overnight to freeze the water out. THe only thing is it will attract condensation as it warms up if it is humid. I like to put them in the oven on warm for a couple hours also, just make sure not to make it too hot. (about 150 F is plenty)
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    Perhaps a better idea is to put the Treo in a sealed jar with a few handfuls of rice in it. The rice draws the moisture out. Let it stay in there for a day or two.
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