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    Today we updated RNS:: TreoOfflineViewer to make use of the new MP3 ringtone feature on Treo 680.

    To install an MP3 ringtone follow these simple steps:
    1) Launch Blazer / Web Browser
    2) Select "Go"=>"Open File" from the menu
    3) Pick your MP3 file and tap "OK"
    4) Select "Copy to Ringtone"
    5) Your MP3 becomes available among other ringtones

    Make sure you're using the today's version of TreoOfflineViewer which is 2.1.
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    Interesting. Avoiding wrinting file://pathtothemp3file for 5 bucks seems fine
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    Plus a few features more, like saving HTML files to SD card, or viewing their source
    RNS:: software for your Treo!

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