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    wondering if anyone has had this problem. I will charge the battery while using the slingbox. the battery will not charge and when it gets low the low battery alert will come on even though the treo is being charged. has anyone experience this. I'm using the extended 755p battery, should I get the 3200 battery. how long can you watch the slingbox on average before the battery drains down. thanks for any help and advice. take care and stay safe.
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    I haven't had it plugged in while watching but yes it drains the battery like crazy.. kinda on par with using audio gateway. I wouldn't think it would be able to wear the battery down while being plugged in because you can use your phone without the battery while plugged in. Try taking the battery out after you have it plugged in and watch.

    EDIT: lol I just tried that and while your phone stays on it doesn't function with the battery out while plugged in.

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