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    any suggestions???

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    any suggestions???

    Don't do that.

    Take out the battery, put the phone and battery wrapped in paper towels and with mutliple packs of dessicant in a tight fitting tupperware container and put it somewhere warm.. Sunbeam, etc.

    Don't put it in the oven, microwave, etc.. Over a heat register MIGHT be okay as long as it's not too hot.

    After a day, replace the paper towel and dessicant, and do it another 2 days.

    That *might* work, if it was fresh water. If it was salt water, unless you've already rinsed it with clean (distilled) water, it's probably going to corrode. Your battery may or may not be okay, if you have battery problems after all of this, replace it.

    You can get dessicant from purses at Wal Mart if you don't have any.. Sounds funny, but just find the faux-leather purses and dig around in the pockets. I'd say 10 of them would be sufficient for the job.
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    I dropped my 650 in my pool once and then again 2 months later into a huge puddle getting out of my car. Both times I was able to get the phone back up and running within a few days. The main thing is DO NOT turn the phone on when it is wet at all as you can easily short something out. The method posted above should work to wick out the moisture but if you fully submerged it I would take the case off so you can blow out any water first using compressed air. You can then insert the phone in sealed tupperware with those little baggies you find in new sneakers or pocketbooks like the post above mentions. A warm sunny area will help also. My phone was under water for about 1 minute before I fished it out so it is possible to recover from this. Also if water got into the screen leave it face down so as it drains the water it does not go back onto the circuits. Good Luck!
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    thank u you both...i've got it sealed in tupperware with the dessicant now. i'll leave it over the weekend. hope it works!

    thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keket View Post
    thank u you both...i've got it sealed in tupperware with the dessicant now. i'll leave it over the weekend. hope it works!

    thanks again!
    If the tupperware is in a warm area, it'll get a little moist inside.. That'll tell you the dessicant needs replacing. Do that until there's no more moisture inside the tupperware. Otherwise, there is still likely moisture inside the Treo.
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    Good luck.

    I flipped a kayak under a floating bridge on Lake Washington and totally forgot I had my 650 in my pocket (was more interested in doing what the rescue crew said, I've never been hoisted up a bridge on a firetruck before . The 650 was toast when I got home. Did the drying... but apparently if the battery is not removed FAST when they hit the water... toast.

    If all else fails, add a line to your account (assuming you are AT&T) and get a new one for what... 50 bucks now?
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    Yeah, key thing is if you ever drop anything with a battery in it into water, get the battery out ASAP! Even if you don't hit the power button they device is still electrically connected to the battery and can cause damage when in water.

    If you get the battery out fast enough, then you stand a good chance of recovery using the methods described above.

    Good luck!
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    keket, how's the progress? Tupperware still 'fogging up' or is it staying dry inside yet?
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    the tupperware never fogged up---i believe the phone is as drty as it's going to be.
    when i inserted the battery after 3 days in the tupperware, the "palm" screen came up with the black bar rolling from left to right (no backlight). after the black bar is complete, the screen goes blank and i can see the red battery charging light remains on but dim without the charger being plugged in.

    i think it's done. i'm using my old 650 i nthe meantime...i'll have to purchase another 680 sometime this week.
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    Did you remove the cover and blow out the loose water when it originally happened? The fact that it is turning on is a good sign that it is not completely fried. REMOVE the battery and unscrew the case. Take compressed air and blow it out. Look for corrosion on any contacts from the water. Sometimes a pencil eraser over a contact can clean off light corrosion. Leave the cover off and put in a warm dry area and then put it back in the tupperware at night. You can also use a blow drier but only on low carefull beacuse to much heat will also damage the board. Give this a try for another day or so. It is possible to still salvage the phone so do not give up yet. I submerged my 650 2 times and it is still working as a back up pda today.

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