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    I moved some licensed songs (wma) from the default synch directory on my SD card using Resco explorer to a new directory and now I have a bunch of songs where pocket tunes can not find the license and will not play them. I purchased the version that will play protected songs so that is not the problem. I moved them back but that did not help. It tells you to refresh the license by connecting to a computer. I can not find anything in either the windows media player or the yahoo jukebox that has a function to refresh licenses. Unfortunately, I did not transfer everything from the computer to the SD card so doing a resynch will dump songs I do not want on the card. I think I have to delete everything from the media player, then import my songs from the phone, delete the songs from the phone and resynch. I spent time pruning the card to get the songs I want and it would take time do the same with the computer media player.

    It appears there are many songs so I can not just delete from the card and resynch. I do not know the extent of the problem.

    Anyone ever see this?

    Kind of wants to make you a pirate and get unprotected illegal songs or go to an iphone. I just started purchasing unprotected from Amazon but it appears their selection is still limited.
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    If you don't get an answer from someone else, you should shoot this question over onto Normsoft's yahoo group. They are a very knowledgable group of peple (and Normsoft watches that list religiously) and you should be able to get your answer there.

    Also check the knowledge base:
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    Also just contact Pocket Tunes support by email I have found them very fast to respond and good at fixing issues.
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    Thanks for the responses. I just deleted everything from my card and organized the music on my computer so when I synched I got what I wanted. Rather labor intensive but it worked and if I have problems going forward at least I can use the music files from the computer.

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