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    I've been using it for a day or two now. Seems fine so far. Hotsync'd with no problems.
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    I too have been using it. I installed it over top of the beta version on my Vista laptop and have had no issues.
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    I did and I'm sorry I did. It took 20 minutes to install and gave me a heart attack when it said some programs wouldn't install and were being quarantined (they were in fact installed) and when I opened the new Desktop there were no contacts. Another Hotsync and they were fine, but they don't tell you Jack while you're doing it. Worst....I hate the way it looks. The old version let you choose a color scheme but this apparently is fixed and bases itself on your Windows color scheme. It's ugly and as far as I can tell I can't change it.

    That'll teach me to upgrade so quickly!
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    I installed it over the beta, with the virus scanner off, and it installed without a problem. I had to reinstall HanDBase and Pocket Quicken.

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    I installed it and reinstalled it and reinstalled it.... The first time I installed it, it couldn't find my device driver. The second time and each subsequent time, it found the device driver, but would hang in the calendar app, while hotsyncing my 755p. Today, I'm going to do a check with DBFixit and see if somehow the first time corrupted some of the data or something. I even tried a PC restore back to the Beta, but the same hang occurred while doing the hotsync. I should've left well enough alone. Everything was fine with the Beta.
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    Anyone tried it with XP Pro yet?
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    Okay, I diagnosed my calendar with DBfixit and found that indeed, somewhere in the process of changing desktops and hotsyncing two files got corrupted. So, I've now purchased DBFixit and am waiting for the activation code, so I hopefully can fix the files and then everything hopefully will work in hotsync with the new desktop. Can't beleive I've spent hours on this. Grrrr
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    Most of the time the corruption is on the device, not the desktop. It either syncs or not. What I do is set my conduit for the device to overwrite the desktop.

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    Generally I agree, Ben. However, it synced fine until I tried to Hotsync to the new Desktop. I had attempted to overwrite the desktop, but it still froze up and once the Treo files were corrupted it didn't matter whether I did the restore or not on the PC, it still wasn't going to sync. Unfortunately, Pimlico is slow at getting codes out, so now its just a waiting game to see if I can fix it.
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    Does anyone else have a problem with the media tab freezing the Palm Desktop? I narrowed it down to the 3g2 videos. When I remove them from the "offline copy location" the media desktop loads right up. Seems to choke on the video files.
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