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    I find it funny that after being a Sprint customer for several years and finally switching to AT&T on Tuesday, that this news comes out. Makes me feel somewhat responsible... least you can change phones whenever you want! No can do on Sprint.

    I remember a few years ago when I was using a Sprint Treo 600 and visiting relatives in Calif. A friend of mine from NYC called me and he sounded as if he was next door! It was so clear! That is what impressed me about Sprint.
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    As much as I hate the customer service, in my case it comes from having a Treo and I rather just get another phone than going back to Verizon or AT&T. Their customer service when the problem is an expensive phone out of warranty is not much better. Not o mention waiting lines at stores and data cost.

    I really hope Sprint finds a way to stay in business.
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    Better phone selection (cooler phones). There are a lot of new and exciting phones being produced. Verizon seems to snatch up most of the CDMA phones before Sprint. I know Sprint seems to have the early shot on new Palm products. However, Palm isn't exactly cutting edge anymore.

    For younger customers, image is everything. Cool phones to go with easy to manage, reasonable plans = more business for Sprint.

    As for CS, I haven't met a person yet who loves their carriers CS. That is after they've had a problem.
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    I've had fairly good CS experiences with TMobile. Just their network is slow and coverage where I live now sucks, so it's not an option.

    Verizon is just way too expensive...
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