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    If you're looking to replace a damaged or badly scratched Treo shell you could try doing what I've just done with a Treo 680...

    Buy a dummy handset from ebay, I picked up a dummy crimson 680 for 3 :

    Carefully cut through the cardboard screen on the front of the device, then take apart as you would a normal Treo680.
    There are some parts (like the battery cover, the external antenna rubber flap and mysteriously the mute switch) which are lightly glued to prevent people taking them apart in the shops they were destined to be displayed in, but it's nothing that you can't carefully remove without damaging the case. ;-)

    Though the dummy handsets contain no actual working parts and most websites state you cannot use them to replace your actual case, they really do have everything you need to swap out your existing shell, including the Torx5 screws, the tiny glass camera lens protector and the felt to protect dirt from entering the speakerphone.
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    I've replaced the cases on 3 now. see my tips on re-assembly.

    I picked up the replacement cases off e-bay. There is a bit of glue that you may want to pick off, as the SD door and battery door are glue in place.
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    Interesting. Sadly I can only find other Treo dummies at Ebay at this moment:
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    I picked up 3 cases from this Gentleman
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